Financing Durable Solutions for Forcibly Displaced Persons

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Arua City through the technical support of the United Nations Capital Development Fund (UNCDF), established the Financing Durable Solutions Initiative for Forcibly Displaced People (FDS Initiative) to support their efforts to sustainably manage the increased population in the city due to internally displaced Persons, Urban Refugees, Asylum seekers and other groups. 

The Financing Durable Solutions Initiative for Forcibly Displaced People is designed to promote equitable access to social services and economic opportunities for forcibly displaced persons in developing countries so that they have a better quality of life with dignity. The specific objective is that durable solutions initiatives in support of forcibly displaced persons are sustainably financed in the host cities in target countries. 

Four key results are expected from the project: 

Result 1: Established local policy and regulatory framework that creates an enabling environment for FDPs to have access to legal rights, services, and social-economic opportunities. 

Result 2: Improve local Capacity in increasing own source revenue and strengthening fiscal health 

Result 3: Financing mechanisms designed to unlock private capital for municipal projects that are economically productive with the capacity to absorb commercial funding. 

Result 4: Financing and technical assistance provided to create jobs and economic opportunities for FDPs. 

This is a 4-year project funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and other partners. Pilot countries include Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and Ethiopia. The pilot cities in project phase I include Gulu and Arua (Uganda), and Baidoa and Bosaso (Somalia). The project is designed to benefit in total of eight city governments hosting about 1.2 million FDPs. It aims to provide support to 3-5 inclusive infrastructure projects per city and enable up to 15 catalytic MSMEs to promote job creation and economic opportunities for IDPs. 


  • Assessment of Arua City using TADAT

  • Training on Infrastructure Asset Management Conducted

  • Infrastructure proposal of Establishment of Multi-Purpose Resource Centre at Plot 72 – 74, Arua Avenue has been recommended by Finance Committee and Executive Committee and proposal submitted to PPP Unit of MoFPED.


More details on the Project can be obtained from the Focal Person – Mr. Odabo John (Senior IT Officer)