Which tribe is in Arua Uganda?

Lugbara occupy the West Nile region of Uganda and Arua, Arua City, Maracha, Terego, Madi-Okollo, Yumbe and Koboko districts of Uganda to be specific. The Lugbara are divided into many dialects which are easily understandable to each other.

How many divisions are in Arua City?

Arua city now comprises of two divisions of Arua central and Ayivu.

How many schools are in Arua?

The District has over 437 schools currently with 105 Nursery Schools, 261 Primary Schools, 60 Secondary Schools, 2 Btvet Schools, 3 Tertiary Schools, 3 Teachers College Schools.

How many kilometers from Kampala to Arua?

Yes, the driving distance between Kampala to Arua is 496 km. It takes approximately 7h 22m to drive from Kampala to Arua.

What is Arua known for?

The district is the birthplace of former President Idi Amin. Arua District was a springboard for some units of the Uganda People's Defense Force who entered the DRC at the beginning of the Second Congo War.

When did Arua become a city?

Arua City is one of the newest cities established by Parliament of Uganda on 28th April 2020 as a Regional City for West Nile sub region, and became operational on 1st July 2020. It lies in the North Western Corner of Uganda between latitude 030 10'N and 300 50'N and longitude 300 30'E and 310 30'E.