Administration Department

The Administration Department is headed by the Deputy Town Clerk and is responsible for the provision of administrative support services, provision of welfare and logistical support and management of registry services in the City

Key functions 

  • Establish and maintain an administrative machinery capable of supporting all operations of the different departments;
  • Formulate and implement administrative policies, standards, guidelines and regulations for management and administration of the City;
  • Provide administrative support services in form of Office space and supplies, utilities, consumables and stationary, to all operational areas in the City;
  • Provide technical support on matters of administration to the Director;
  • Oversee the safety of the staff and coordinate the disaster management operations; 
  • Manage the correspondences and City Registry; 
  • Supervise fleet and transport logistical support in conformity with transport policy guidelines in the City
  • Develop and implement vehicle maintenance and servicing schedule and manage fleet replacement and life cycle/inventory;
  • Guide and interpret policies, regulations, practices and procedures of administrative nature in the City;
  • Provide appropriate security, logistical support, office accommodation, maintenance and other operational necessities to staff in the City;
  • Maintain an up-to-date filling system and ensure proper disposal of records of the City; in accordance with the retention and disposal schedules;
  • Handle Protocol Matters in the City;
  • File all registry with the correct number, suitable series selected and reference; and track Movement of files from Registry to other offices within the City;
  • Prepare reports on mail statistics of the City; and
  • Prepare work plans, budgets and performance reports for the Department and submit to relevant authorities for further action.
  • Human Resource Management
  • Pension, Gratuity and Wages
  • Registry
  • ICT
  • Legal
  • Security
  • Office Support
  • Estates Management
Assistant Deputy Town Clerk
Mr. Jobile Cornelius