Political Leadership

Political leadership in Arua, like in the rest of Uganda, is structured at various levels, including local, regional, and national. At the local level, Arua has elected local councilors who represent specific wards or divisions within the city. Here is a general overview of the political leadership in Arua City:

Mayor: The city is led by a directly elected Mayor who serves as the political head and chief executive of Arua City. The Mayor is responsible for the overall administration and management of the city, representing the interests of the city's residents, and implementing policies and programs for the city's development.

The Deputy Mayor is typically the second-in-command to the Mayor and assists in the overall administration and management of the city. They may step in to fulfill the responsibilities of the Mayor in their absence or when delegated.

The Speaker, on the other hand, is an important position in local government bodies such as municipal councils. The Speaker is responsible for presiding over council meetings, ensuring orderly conduct, and maintaining adherence to established procedures. They often play a crucial role in facilitating discussions, managing debates, and ensuring the effective functioning of the council.