Education and Sports Department

Education and Sports Department is by headed by City Education Officer and is responsible for provision of strategic guidance and promotion of quality education and physical education and Sports in the City.

Key Functions

  • Plan, design and manage the education management system; the pre-primary, primary, secondary, special needs schools and institutions of the city including provision of the facilities and learning materials;
  • Plan and conduct periodic supervision and inspections to quality assure the curriculum, methods of teaching, classroom and facilities;
  • Conduct professional development programs for the teachers and Education Managers including formal training, refresher, knowledge exchange and work-based programs in the primary, secondary, special needs schools and vocational institutions;
  • Sensitize and build awareness of the education services in the City and manage provision of alternative education programs for children without access to the formal education;
  • Monitor and evaluate the private educational providers in the City to ensure conformity with the educational standards; and
  • Monitor the implementation of physical education, sports and recreational programs in the City.


  • Education Promotion
  • Sports Development
  • Education Regulation
Mr. Obiayi Ombere Raymond
Head of Department