Responsible for the provision of administrative support services, provision of welfare and logistical support and management of registry services in the City.

Works and Engineering

Responsible for providing technical support and guidance on the urban structural design, infrastructure improvement, road network development and maintenance and control of infrastructure developments in the City.


Responsible for coordination and Management on health services in the City to ensure preventive and curative health delivery system.


Education and Sports

Responsible for provision of strategic guidance and promotion of quality Education and physical education and Sports in the City.

Production and Marketing

Responsible for coordinating the implementation of Government production policies, programmes, projects and regulations in the areas of agriculture, production and extension services.

Community and Social Development

Responsible for promotion of interest of various groups of the community, particularly the vulnerable, children, women, disabled; among others, to realize and harness their potential for purposeful and sustainable development and mobilize people for community services.

Natural Resources

Responsible for the implementation of policies, rules, regulations and Council bye-laws on conservation and sustainable exploitation of natural resources and proper sanitation and environmental management as well as land management and physical planning.

Trade, Industry and Local Economic Development

Responsible for the implementation of policies and strategy to promote trade, industry, tourism, wildlife and cooperatives services in the city.

Finance, Planning and Audit

Responsible for revenue generation; expenditure and accounts functions as well as policies and strategies to facilitate effective and efficient planning, grants and project development issues in the City.