Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Department comprises the Environment Unit, Physical Planning and Lands Unit; and is responsible for implementation of policies, rules, regulations and City bye-laws on conservation and sustainable exploitation of natural resources and proper sanitation and environmental management as well as planning, designing and managing the City’s physical infrastructure and providing technical guidance on the urban designs, infrastructural improvement, and housing and land development in the City.

  • Environment Unit
  • Physical Planning Unit

Key Functions

  • Provide technical advice on natural resources conservation and utilization;
  • Initiate and advise Council on natural resources bye laws and ordinances;
  • Offer technical support and extension services to the community and private sector on natural resources;
  • Appraise development plans and technical proposals in regard to environmental impact assessment;
  • Carry out research, generate information and data on natural resources;
  • Plan, implement and monitor programs & projects for ensuring a clean City and improving the ambience through sustainable management of solid waste, water, sewerage and sanitation facilities, parks and cemeteries.
  • Maintain a clean, habitable and sustainable City environment;
  • Undertake publicity and promotional activities for natural resource protection and sustainable use; and
  • Enforce proper methods for disposal of refuse and waste.

Key Functions

  • Design a system for guiding, monitoring, and enforcing developments in the City in line with the applicable laws.
  • Plan and design the City physical infrastructure including the re-zoning, land sub-division and determination of the areas for development;
  • Plan, survey map and delineate the areas for social infrastructure, establishment of geodetic control, quality checks of cadastral jobs; and survey the City land boundaries, produce and print topographical maps;
  • Register the City land and facilitate management in identifying suitable uses of such land for the benefit of the people;
  • Plan and monitor the survey, valuation, registration and administration of land in the City and manage resolution of land disputes;
  • Provide architectural services in the review of building plans and inspect building projects approved by the City to ensure conformity to the approval and compliance with the land use plan;
  • Design architectural drawing for City building projects;
  • Supervise the erection and demolition of buildings, repairs, renovations, alternations, extensions, installation of utilities; including electricity and gas in the City buildings;
  • Undertake physical planning of the City and ensure building plans conform to the master plan;
  • Guide developers in processing proper building plans, drawing of the structural designs, land use layout; and
  • Designs drawings of the land scape and implement the projects in line with the drawings and designs developed.

Meet the Natural Resources Team

Asedri Fred

Senior Environment Officer (HoD)

Findru Alo Moses

Senior Physical Planner

Dawaru Mary

Environment Officer

Ociti Felix

Physical Planner

Droma Jimmy

Land Supervisor